Humanities Tuition

Tuition these days is not just about answering the tough question about math. Students may also get support in producing a literature essay or a response to an open-ended question about history.


Looking for your child’s Tuition in combined Humanities? MOE in Singapore presented a simple learning curriculum aimed at educating students on the importance of social sciences, geography and history. Working with a humanities tutor would be an effective way to stay ahead in the subject. Our tutors in humanitiestuition are well equipped with experience and expertise to help make learning entertaining and interesting.

Choosing the right tutor is always a daunting task. You need to make sure you’ve chosen qualified tutor who’s able to deal with the problems of your child. Our home tutors can bridge the difference between an easy concept and a complicated one. Hence helping to keep the subject oriented and highly applicable to the topics.



History helps students get inquisitive, logical, rational, discerning, methodical, informed and empathic. According to rationally substantiated arguments and conclusions, a pupil with these characteristics is able to understand events throughout history without affecting modern-day view. The techniques of thorough study and rearrangement of the knowledge they have obtained will be demonstrated to the pupils in a forward-thinking and rational way.


Geography helps pupils gain valuable knowledge and become a self-directed learner, a motivated person and a dedicated contributor. Tutors support the students and provide information according to past and present problems on future physical and geographical problems. It allows their ability to use newly gained expertise to balance critical thinking skills. Schoolchildren should value the diversity of cultures and values, using their geographical knowledge to develop a sense of responsibility towards our environment and world.


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NovenaJC2Sun9am – 11am
JC 1Sun11.30am – 1.30pm
JC 2Sun5.30pm – 7.30pm
Sec 4 (Pure Geog)Sun2pm – 4pm
Sec 4 (Elec Geog)Sun3pm – 5pm
KembanganJC2Sat10am – 12pm
JC1Sat5pm – 7pm
Toa PayohSec 1Sat3pm – 5.30 pm
Sec 2Sat1.30pm – 3pm

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Novena- 177B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre Singapore 307625
Kembangan– 60 Lorong G TelokKurau S426245
Toa Payoh: 186 Toa Payoh Central, #02-430 (Lobby H), S310186